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Carte de la Semois Le Breux (Aire de pique-nique) Roche brûlée Roche Lenel Pont Saint-Nicolas (Chiny) Embarcadère (bureau - départs) Rocher du Hat

On the above map discover for yourself the course taken by the Semois river :

The mischievous Semois river and its maze are sure to relax you with suggested trails of different lengths :

Here are the trails offered leaving the Embarcadère (1) :

CHINY-> LACUISINE … 8 kms long … lasts 1 hour

CHINY-> MARTUE … 12 kms long… lasts 1 ½ hour

CHINY-> CHASSEPIERRE… 22 kms long… lasts 4 ½ hours

Possibility of starting off at the Saint-Nicolas bridge (2) in Chiny (4 extra kms).