The Semois River


Semois river



Small boat


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In the small town of Chiny there's a steep path leading right to the Semois River and its Embarcadère. The boatmen await you there. Once your boat is ready, it's time to sail away from the quay and its bridge, to sail off into the blue yonder.

La Semois

Unwind as you behold the divine landscape at your feet. The dark forest of Chiny stands there, protected by the Negis rock, its first bastion shielding the gulf. An invisible hand raises the drawbridge linking you to the outside world. An amazing spectacle awaits you as you gaze upon tall pine trees reaching for the sharp cliffs, the gun glancing through shades of green, its rays diffusing time after time ever-changing reflections.

Le blason de ChinyAs the jay wings away sounding off the alarm, the startled doe dashes into the thicket, the heron flies off flapping its wings against the water, the fox vanishes into its den and the kingfisher skims above the bright mirror surface of the river. The impenetrable river banks at the edge of a wild and untouched forest beckon at your feet. The sturdy rocks hover there above you with whimsical names such as the Gouffre Loué, the proud Maître Rocher du Hat, the treacherous Rocher Fendu and the Rehat companions, much like the inseparable musketeers… part of the great legends. At your feet, a winding crystal clear band where three silver trout frolic, symbols of the Chiny coat of arms.